1. Salt Water

From the recording What It Feels Like

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Salt Water
Written By Leah Daniels, Emma-Lee & Karen Kosowski

When I was young, in Oklahoma,
We’d spend the summer
Living in a swimming pool
Dad would lift me, up on his shoulders,
While away, the afternoon,
He’d tell me stories of his childhood, and salt water

He grew up in California but chased a girl all the way to Chicashaw
Feel in love and made a promise, had it all but he never forgot
They built a home and had a daughter
But he still missed that salt water

He missed the rush of the waves, the breeze on his face, the blue that never ends
When I turned 17 I knew I had to see, so looked at him and said

Take me down to California
We can lay out in the sun
Take a ride by the ocean
Count the palm trees one by one
And I‘ll never have to wonder
What it feels like Salt water

I left home right after college, kissed my daddy on the cheek
Headed west to California, wrote him letters every week
Fell in love and had a daughter
She grew up swimming in salt water

Oh the years flew right by, till that phone call, in the night
Dad was on his final breath
I rushed home to his side, tears falling from my eyes but he smiled at me and said

Take me down to California
Lay me out in the sun
Find a place by the ocean
Far away from everyone
Kneel down, at nature’s altar, salt water
Let the waves wash me under, salt water